FAA document fix

A small update, 1.8.7a, has been pushed out to all USA versions.  This fixes some DTP documents not downloading properly due to a change on the FAA website they’re sourced from.  If you’ve noticed FAA documents missing for a destination prior to this fix, you’ll either need to clear your B+D settings before trying again (Settings..Apps..B+D..Clear Data) and/or wait until 7/25, when a new TPP will be available.  If you do clear settings, please be aware all saved trips and custom destinations will be cleared as well (destinations can be exported via Select Dest..Custom..Import/Export).

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Version 1.8.7 has been released!  Two new features worth mentioning:

1. Pebble Support!  This popular new smartwatch is a great way to use B+D without looking down at your mobile device.  Instead, key data points are updated in real time on your wrist and you can keep your phone’s screen off to save battery.  As shown below, you get the destination name, bearing, distance, and ETE.  More info in the app via Menu.. Pebble Setup or here.

2. Lock Rotation.  This feature, when selected (Menu.. Lock Rotation), will lock the current orientation so moving the phone around will not cause the layout to switch from vertical to horizontal or vice versa.

As always, I appreciate your feedback and support!

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Among several bug fixes, this release includes 2 new features: a decimal to sexagesimal converter on the custom destination dialog (converts decimal latitude/longitude to degrees/minutes/seconds and vice versa), and two new “real-time” weather layers on the tab.

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A problem with a new build system I am using caused a problem in a several flavors of the app in the last update.  I’ve made a quick fix and pushed it out to all versions.  Very sorry for the inconvenience!

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1.8.5 – Fuel calculator!

New in 1.8.5 is an often requested feature: a fuel calculator.  Enter your airplanes fuel consumption and current fuel and get an estimated trip time.  When moving, this will also extrapolate to a DTE value and plot a radius on a map.  Obviously this is a “best case scenario” and does not consider speed and elevation changes so it should be used as a very rough estimate only!  Note when your “distance until empty” is greater than the distance to your current destination, the values will display in red.

Also new is the addition of ETE to the list available for display on the map options menu (see below).

Fixed in the W.EU and Europe versions, some airports in France were inadvertently left off the airports database.  They have been added.

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New version 1.8.4

By popular demand!  You can now customize what data is displayed on the map view using the “map display options” menu.  This is great for browsing the map while on the ground, or for devices with smaller displays.  Also new here is “Altitude”.

This version also includes several bug fixes including a crash when attempting to delete the last destination in a trip.

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All versions have been updated to 1.8.3.  Besides some minor bug fixes comes another map view option, allowing you to see surrounding destinations to your current position.  It can be toggled on and off from the options menu.

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Version 1.8.2, out now, is primarily a maintenance release:  it fixes Android 1.6 support in all versions (sorry about that!), and addresses some problems in the US versions with downloaded AF/D documents for some destinations.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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1.8 Released

A major new B+D release is available in Google Play (a/k/a the Android Market)! New in this version, a great new UI experience for users of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Users with a ICS device will have new tab bar navigation that lets them access most of the apps main functions without using the “menu” button.

Also, lots more Map mode improvements! By popular demand, all map modes can now be rotated. Choose among “north up” or “track up”, the latter of which will orient your current heading towards the top of the screen. Also, a new feature available in all version except Lite is live course rerouting. “Long-press” any spot on the map to get a tooltip with the point’s latitude/longutide, distance, and bearing. Long-press the same point again to instantly change your destination.

We hope you enjoy these new features. To support this apps development further, please consider upgrading to B+D USA or B+D Europe, the former which contains all USA versions, the latter includes all European countries. If you decide to upgrade, I can give you a refund of your original version. Simply email me for the details.

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Coming soon..

Happy new year everyone! I would like to thank everyone who has purchased a B+D version, used it in flight, and provided feedback the past year. Coming very soon: a brand new look for users of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) phones and tablets, and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablets, including the relocation of the commands that used to require pushing the Menu button. Destination databases will be refreshed as will the VFR charts. Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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