Version 1.8.7 has been released!  Two new features worth mentioning:

1. Pebble Support!  This popular new smartwatch is a great way to use B+D without looking down at your mobile device.  Instead, key data points are updated in real time on your wrist and you can keep your phone’s screen off to save battery.  As shown below, you get the destination name, bearing, distance, and ETE.  More info in the app via Menu.. Pebble Setup or here.

2. Lock Rotation.  This feature, when selected (Menu.. Lock Rotation), will lock the current orientation so moving the phone around will not cause the layout to switch from vertical to horizontal or vice versa.

As always, I appreciate your feedback and support!

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  1. Hi,

    Would it be possible to have the option to display latitude and longitude on the Pebble watch (also if there is enough room the ground speed)


    • Hi Michael-
      I think I might have one more line on the Pebble without making everything else smaller, which I wanted to try to avoid. I will play with it however. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Love your application. Notice with pebble watch interface the back forward buttons initially work but after some time they stop
    working. The only way to get them working is to exit the bearing and distance application on the android smart phone and then re-start it

    • Hi Mike-
      Haven’t noticed that, but will investigate, thanks. When the buttons stop working do you notice the data still being updated on the Pebble?

    Michael Collins says:

    Hi. Dan,

    when the back and forward buttons stop working the pebble watch screen is still being updated. Also if on the android phone you select the next and prior waypoint it updates on the watch. To replicate the error suggest you add a trip with multiple waypoints say 15. Then using the watch back and forward buttons keep changing the waypoint (I.e. multiple times). Eventually the back and forward buttons on the watch become unresponsive.


  3. Hi Dan,

    Just wonder if you can help with your great Pebble application. At the moment when I try to install the pebble app (bd.pwb) the android phone comes up with the error message ‘Cannot load untrusted app”.

    Cannot find any place to enable loading of untrusted apps.


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